News and Recent Publications

Guests at our Native Grass Open House in mid-October learned about our progress transplanting seven species of native grasses at El Potrero Farm. We are restoring wildlife habitat on the farm with a Partners for Fish and Wildlife grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Guests enjoyed treats from a local patisserie, toured the native grass plantings, and took home seedlings of Arizona cottontop grass seedlings.

The first videos of our Cascabel Native Grass Project is available now on YouTube. Woody Hume, Saguaro Juniper herd manager, is your tour guide to the native grass seeding we’re developing with Saguaro Juniper.

We’re delighted Francesca Claverie has joined our Board of Directors. She brings a wealth of knowledge and years of experience propagating native plants and mentoring volunteers. Francesca is nursery manager at Borderlands Restoration. Prior to coming to Arizona, she graduated from UC Davis with degrees in Native American Studies and International Agricultural Development. Learn more about our newest board member here. Welcome aboard, Francesca!