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Support Peter’s Else’s legal action to #stopsunzia and #keepthesanpedrowild by donating to our legal fund.

Several groups have filed protests with the Bureau of Land Management in New Mexico to the agency’s decision to allow the planned SunZia project to proceed. One protest was filed by the Lower San Pedro Watershed Alliance, Cascabel Conservation Association, Center for Biological Diversity, and Friends of Oracle State Park. A second protest was filed by Archaeology Southwest, which protects cultural sites in the Middle San Pedro Valley. Mar. 20, 2023.

A recent Bloomberg article describes Peter Else’s legal action, “that contends Arizona officials broke the law by approving a route [for SunZia] that slices through saguaro-studded wilderness.” Mar. 18, 2023.

Many in our valley have opposed the proposed SunZia power line for years. An Arizona Daily Star article highlights our concerns. Dec. 19, 2022.


The expanded 2nd edition of Jim Corbett’s Sanctuary for all Life: Wildland Pastoralism and the Peaceable Kingdom is out, thanks to Michael Puttonen of Cascabel Books. Jim Corbett was the founding thinker of Saguaro Juniper in Cascabel. May 16, 2021