News and Recent Publications

The second and third episodes of the Goatwaker podcast about Jim Corbett, who inspired many of us to care for land in Cascabel, are available. Sweetwater Center’s Tom Orum and Nancy Ferguson join the Future Ecologies crew to bring you the story. July 8, 2021

The expanded 2nd edition of Jim Corbett’s Sanctuary for all Life: Wildland Pastoralism and the Peaceable Kingdom is out, thanks to Michael Puttonen of Cascabel Books. May 16, 2021

Jim Corbett was a Quaker rancher philosopher and the founding thinker of Saguaro Juniper. Learn about Jim, his life and work, in this podcast. May 6, 2021

Join Sweetwater Center board member Francesaca Claverie on Zoom, Wednesday April 14th, to learn how people in Arizona and Sonora are helping agaves and the lesser long-nosed bat that depend on them. Apr. 12, 2021