News and Recent Publications

Sweetwater Center board member Francesca Claverie appears in a National Geographic article on lesser long-nosed bats and bacanora (agave liquor from the state of Sonora). These bats were taken off the U.S. Endangered Species List in 2018, but are still threatened by climate change and agave harvest for bacanora. Francesca works with Colectivo Sonora Silvestre’s Bacanora for Bats program, which promotes sustainable agave harvest, allowing some plants to remain unharvested to flower and feed the bats. Oct. 14, 2020

Naturalist and Cascabel resident Ralph Waldt’s latest book reveals the rich flora and fauna of the San Pedro River. Order a signed, deluxe edition of The Life of the San Pedro River: A Naturalist’s Account of an Iconic Desert River and its Watershed on Ralph’s website or buy on Amazon. More about Ralph and his books on his blog. Frequent Cascabel visitor Michael Puttonen designed and published the book at his Cascabel Books imprint. Aug. 26, 2020