April 4, 2013

A Crissal Thrasher singing discreetly in the mesquites along The Lane. In the fields and on the barbed wire, a full summer complement now of Vermillion Flycatchers. Lucky, we are.

Although we graze it and water it no differently than the other bottomland pastures, #3 increases in native plant¬†species coming in and making themselves once again at home. The grasses are exceptional in this, though they’re not to be seen much of yet this spring and if there are any wildflowers at all in the whole area of south Cascabel (less than 2″ of rain have fallen since September at Mason’s)¬†they are where our irrigation reaches. Some made no appearance this year, others, like a sky blue flax (a Linum sp., likely a L. lewisii variety) are the first I’ve ever seen in Cascabel.


Lady Bugs … everywhere.