July 29, 2013

A Great Blue Heron at The Stockpond, at dawn, where I’ve seen one several times this month and last. These birds are supposed to be uncommon here in the summer, guess they haven’t got that news yet. A Western Tanager surprises me with its early descent from the mountain forests and meadows; the last ones seen here were in late May.

Caribbean Horseweed is in full bloom, some also starting to bolt towards seed. In those fields the grasshoppers are still increasing and diversifying, a large bright yellow-green one adds itself to a greater number of these insects than I’ve seen before and my suspicions are growing that we are in for some trouble from them before the season winds down.

It’s been a week since measurable rain, and this is reflected in the sudden return of close to the former number of nighthawks to the evening pond to drink–other places have probably dried off by now.