October 7, 2013

A second False Dawn in a row, about an hour and a half before sunrise, bright because of there being no moon but still more detectable if not looked at directly.

“Hundreds of Tree Swallows swirling over main pool” of Whitewater Draw in the Sulphur Springs Valley just to our east says a posting on the Arizona-New Mexico Birding ListServ. There are none on our pond, it seems this valley is not an important¬†Fall migration corridor for the bird, the way it is for a number of other species. There is a Snipe, though, still at The Stockpond, and it’s become even more tame.

We have another newly arrived weed: Salsify. There could be worse things to see come to us unannounced … I don’t think I’ll be worrying about this one if it really takes off.